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[It's been a week since he arrived in Luceti, and Peter figured it was long enough a gap that Spider-Man could convincingly arrive in Luceti himself, separate from Peter. That would help diminish suspicions, right? He had to make sure that he couldn't use his powers as Peter, not even in Luceti. He couldn't take a chance. There were already at least two people who knew his identity, and that was because of back home. Cluing anyone else into the whole identity business could jeopardize someone -- like Liz or Gwen -- if they arrived in Luceti at the same time as... say, Rhino.

Not that he would remember. O'Hirn was pretty dumb.

Anyway, this was a perfect chance to dress up in the good ol' red and blue and try webslinging around the village. Keyword is try, because there weren't exactly skyscrapers in Luceti. He would have to cut it pretty close to the ground, but it was good practice. He didn't know how long he'd be stuck in the village, so navigation via webs was key. Better to practice during downtime.

And that's when he pulls out the journal to look at while swinging. Better put on his best pokerface.

... Not that people could see his face.]


Man, oh man. This Luceti place is nothing like the Big Apple. Too much... nature. Needs more skyscrapers. [Yeah, he kind of laughed at his own joke.] Read enough of the guide to get my bearings, but I've gotta say. I'm more impressed than freaked out.

[All the sarcasm in the world is just dripping through the feed. So is the noise of webslinging.]

It's not like a lot of baddies get the one-up on me like this. Gotta give props where it's earned. At least until I bust myself right on outta here. Then I'm just gonna have to take my props back. Got a warranty and everything. [Whoops, almost hit the ground there.] Whoa! You guys need to invest in taller buildings!
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When he first wakes up... )


[After figuring some things out and realizing that the journal actually... talks, Peter can be seen walking into the village while wearing the New Feather pants. While wandering aimlessly and looking worried, he's flipping through his journal until he figures out how to use it.]

This on? [Seems like it.] Quick show of hands. Who else is creeped out by the talking book?

[Yeah. Let's keep wandering around this weird village until someone helps him, or he finds someone he recognizes. He hope everyone is alright.]

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Want to interact with Peter or Spider-Man in a thread, but don't feel the need to waste an entire entry or log dedicated to the fact? Or maybe this would be the easier alternative. Either way, just feel free to take that kind of thread over to this post and go nuts. Any type of thread is cool!

Just makes sure to use something like this in the subject line:

[Action, July 3rd] (Spider-Man)
[Voice, August 15th] (Peter)
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